Smartphone manufacturers, particularly those based in China, have been involved in a frantic race to lay claim to having the highest screen-to-body ratio on their devices. This has resulted in workarounds that involve holes in the display itself and pop-up cameras. Oppo is now doing something about side bezels. It has shown off the prototype “Waterfall Screen” which just about eliminates side bezels entirely.

The “Waterfall Screen” is achieved by implementing a substantial 88 degree fold on both the left and right sides of the screen. So when the device is viewed from the front, it seems that it doesn’t have any bezels at all.

This, as you can probably imagine, makes the device look unlike anything else that’s available on the market today. This is basically taking what Samsung did with its dual-edge curved displays starting with the Galaxy S6 edge and stretching it to new lengths.

Oppo hasn’t confirmed anything else about this device so it’s unclear what the device will actually look like once this screen moves beyond the prototype stage. There’s no information about the specs and nothing has been said about when it may arrive. A recent leak has revealed that Vivo may be working on similar technology. It seems like the coming year will all be about displays spilling out over the sides.

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