Image credit – Steve Gagne

Last month, Apple announced that they had issued a recall for its 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro models. This was due to battery problems in which it was said that the batteries could overheat, and as you know, that can be a huge problem for lithium-ion batteries which can explode if it gets too hot.

For those who have yet to take their laptops back to Apple to get the problem addressed, you might want to do so because a photo shared by designer Steve Gagne, it shows what happened to his MacBook Pro due to the battery overheating. As you can see in the photo above, it shows a literal hole in the base of his laptop.

To make matters worse, Gagne claims that the laptop was not in active use at the time it caught on fire. According to Gagne, he says that the laptop had its screen closed, unplugged, and was in Sleep Mode (it wasn’t completely off), meaning that it could happen anytime the laptop isn’t totally turned off. Gagne also notes that this could have been worse as the laptop is usually placed in a basket filled with notebooks and journals, meaning that the fire could have been bigger.

Like we said, if you have yet to send your MacBook Pro in for a battery replacement, you might want to do so lest this same problem happens to you.

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