As we get older, our eyesight starts to diminish. This is a natural part of aging and unfortunately, apart from getting stronger prescription glasses, there’s really not much else that can be done. However, researchers at Stanford University have created a pair of glasses that can help the user focus on objects better.


According to the researchers, they note that as we get older, the lens in our eyes start to stiffen. This is a naturally occurring process known as presbyopia, in which it becomes harder for our eyes to focus on things in front of us. However, the researchers believe that these pair of glasses, it can help with that as it can not only track where your eyes are moving, but it can also help focus on what you’re looking at.

The best part of these glasses is that the tech for them isn’t exactly new. For example, eye-tracking software has been around for a while now, which means that it largely relies on software to help the device properly focus on the right things through the use of fluid that can expand and contract.

In a small test involving 56 people with presbyopia, it was found that these glasses are more effective than regular reading glasses. However, before you get too excited, the prototype of the glasses is rather bulky and heavy, which means that it could be a while before a version that could replace prescription glasses could be released.

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