A lot of the production of our food involves the emission of CO2 gases and that in turn can create a problem for the long-term. This is why there are many who are advocating that we cut back on our consumption of meat, and that is also why companies such Impossible Foods are seeing a lot of interest, thanks to their “meat” that can replicate the look and taste of real meat without actually containing any meat.

Now it looks like there is another company by the name of Solar Foods that is looking to revolutionize the food industry, this time almost by magic by creating food quite literally out of thin air. The product, dubbed Solein, is a protein that is said to be similar to wheat, but is created by using CO2 in our air.

What this means is that not only is this good for the environment, but it is also sustainable due to the fact that CO2 is produced naturally by living creates, such as ourselves, when we breathe out. Together with water and renewable electricity, it can create a protein source that apparently tastes quite similar to wheat flour, which could then be used to either create existing food products that use wheat, or create entirely new types of food.

The company is hoping to launch its product commercially in 2021, but whether or not it will taste like the real thing remains to be seen, but it is a very clever idea that’s hard to ignore.

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