Sony normally confirms the PS Plus lineup of free titles for a coming month a couple of days before. It then sticks to that lineup for the entire month before it announces the one for the next month. Sony has taken the rather unusual step of swapping a title that it had previously confirmed for another one. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 has been removed from the July 2019 PS Plus free games lineup.

Sony confirmed today that PlayStation Plus subscribers will now get Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition instead of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. Horizon Chase Turbo remains unaffected by this decision.

The company didn’t say why it’s making this decision but it’s pertinent to note that there was some backlash against PES being included when the lineup was announced. Detroit: Become Human came out last May and it will be of broader interest to PS Plus subscribers compared to just two sports-related titles.

The title is set in Detroit City during the year 2038 which has been revitalized with the introduction of Androids into everyday life. However, when the Androids start behaving as if they are alive, things quickly get out of control. Players will control three playable characters with each having their own unique perspectives to work their way through the story.

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