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Sony Replaces PES 2019 With Detroit For July PS Plus Free Games
Sony normally confirms the PS Plus lineup of free titles for a coming month a couple of days before. It then sticks to that lineup for the entire month before it announces the one for the next month. Sony has taken the rather unusual step of swapping a title that it had previously confirmed for another one. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 has been removed from the July 2019 PS Plus […]

PlayStation Plus Cloud Storage Limit Increased To 100GB
PlayStation Plus offers you more than just the ability to play online on your Sony console or get a handful of free titles every month. It also backs up your game saves and profiles to the cloud. Sony initially offered subscribers 10GB of cloud storage but it’s now making a significant increase. The company has announced that it’s increasing the PlayStation Plus cloud storage limit to 100GB.

PlayStation Plus Free Games For November 2018 Confirmed
The free PlayStation Plus games lineup for the month of November 2018 has been confirmed by Sony today. Those who subscribe to PS Plus get a handful of titles for free every month as part of their subscription. The free titles can be kept for as long as players would like. Sony confirms the lineup for the following month just when the coming month is around the corner.

PS Plus Free Games For October 2018 Revealed
With the coming month just around the corner, Sony has today confirmed that PS Plus free games for October 2018. All PlayStation Plus members get a handful of free titles every month as part of their subscription of the multiplayer service. Sony normally confirms the coming month’s lineup a few days in advance and that’s exactly what it has done today.


Free PS Plus Games For PS3 And PS Vita Will End Next Year
A PlayStation Plus subscription provides more than just online gaming capabilities. Subscribers also get a couple of games for free every month. Sony provides free games to subscribers who own a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita but things are going to change next year. Sony has confirmed that the free PlayStation Plus games lineup will not include titles for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita starting next year. Subscribers […]

PS Plus Free Games For April 2017
The wait is now over for PlayStation Plus subscribers who have been waiting to find out which games they will get for free as part of their monthly subscription. Like is does towards the end of every month, Sony has confirmed the PS Plus free games lineup for the coming month.

Free PS Plus Games For January 2017 Confirmed
As part of its PlayStation Plus membership, Sony provides members with a handful of free games every month. They can keep these games for as long as they like but they just have to download them in the period that Sony makes them free. Sony has now confirmed the list of free PS Plus games for January 2017. This new set of games is going to ring in the New […]

Free PS Plus Games For December 2016 Confirmed
With less than a day to go, Sony today confirmed the free PS Plus games for December 2016. In case you’re unaware, the company provides a handful of free titles every month to members of the PlayStation Plus program. These games have to be downloaded in a specified period of time after which members can retain them for as long as they like. Sony has added a couple of good […]

PlayStation Plus Free Games For October 2016
If you subscribe to PlayStation Plus you might be wondering what games you’re going to receive free as part of your subscription next month. The wait is now over for you as Sony has officially unveiled the PlayStation Plus free games for October 2016 lineup. There are some great new titles for subscribers on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

PS Plus Free Games For January 2016 Include Grim Fandango Remastered
Sony kept us waiting until the very end of December to announce the free games it will be offering as part of the PlayStation Plus membership, Microsoft announced the lineup for Xbox Live Gold members last week, today it finally came out with the list which includes titles like Grim Fandango Remastered. PS Plus free games for January 2016 pay homage to several classic fan-favorite titles that come with updated gameplay and […]

PS Plus Free Games For November 2015
Towards the end of each month PlayStation Plus subscribers look forward to see what games Sony will be offering for free in the coming month, that’s just one of the perks that their PlayStation Plus membership gives them. October has ended which means it’s time to find out which PS Plus free games are being offered for the month of November 2015.

PS Plus Free Games For September 2015 Confirmed
Towards the end of every month Sony details all of the titles that PlayStation Plus members will get to play for free in the next month, the company today confirmed PS Plus free games for September 2015. This is also the first time that titles have been included from the Vote to Play campaign which allowed PS Plus members to vote on titles that they would like to see in next […]

PS Plus Members Can Vote For Next Month's Free Games Tomorrow
A few days back Sony said that it will allow PlayStation Plus members to vote on a list of games that should be offered as free titles for the month, previously gamers had no role in selecting which titles would be put on that list but that’s no longer going to happen. PS Plus members can now vote to choose potential titles from a list that contains quite a few.

PS Plus June Free Games Revealed
An incentive that PlayStation Plus members get is free games, they need to subscribe to this service in order to play games online but free games add more value to the money that they have to spend in order to play online. The PS Plus June free games have been revealed by Sony and it has published the names of all titles that PlayStation Plus members will get to play for free […]

PS Plus Specials Sale Program Launched
PlayStation Plus subscribers often get discounted games but it doesn’t offer the level of certainty that Xbox owners do courtesy of Deals with Gold. Subscribers don’t know if they will steadily be provided with discounts on games particularly newer games, and this is what Sony has decided to fix. The company has launched a new sales program called PS Plus Specials. It’s a new deals program which offers exclusive discounts of […]

PS Plus April Free Games Include Killzone Mercenary, Dishonored And More
Sony today confirmed the PS Plus April free games. These are all of the titles which will be available for download at no charge to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. Even when April ends subscribers who download these titles will be able to keep them and play for as long as they like. The free games don’t disappear when the month ends.

PlayStation 4 Online Multiplayer Open For All This Weekend
Sony requires all PlayStation 4 owners who want to play games online to have a PlayStation Plus subscription. Without the subscription they can’t take advantage of the online multiplayer features of this console. PS Plus isn’t terribly expensive so those who do want to play online tend to pay for it. Often Sony will give a taste of these features to those who don’t subscribe to this service. It is opening up […]