As you might have heard, the US Department of Justice has recently approved the T-Mobile and Sprint merger. This is a huge deal as both carriers made up two of the four major carriers in the US. However, this merger does come with some strings attached. One of those is that the carriers will need to make a new competitor, and the second is the support of eSIM.

According to the US Department of Justice, “This requirement will make it easier for Dish to attract new subscribers, help extend the competition in this market, and will provide a platform for new innovative options.”

They add, “Sadly in the United States, eSIM has not been widely adopted in mobile wireless like it is in Europe and others. And that’s an area separate of this merger we have looked to. This will revolutionize the use eSIMs in hopefully all carriers, because once consumers have it, they’ll benefit from it.”

eSIMs have started to find their way into our smartphones, like the Pixel smartphones and Apple’s newer iPhones. One of the upsides to an eSIM is that it does not require a physical SIM, which means that in theory, swapping between carriers is only a few taps away in the settings menu. This does not mean that we expect the carriers to start supporting them right away, but it could be something to keep an eye out for.

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