There’s good news for those who own a Tesla Model 3. The company has finally allowed owners of the vehicle to use DC fast chargers across the United States that aren’t a part of its Supercharger network to charge their vehicles. Tesla has rolled out an update for the Model 3 which makes them open to charging via DC fast chargers.

The update that Tesla has rolled out for the Model 3 adds compatibility for all “CHAdeMO” DC fast chargers across North America. This means that Model 3 owners can get the same adapter that has long been available for the Model S and Model X by paying $450 and then fast charge their vehicle at almost any third-party station.

Tesla does have a well spread out Supercharger network so it will only ever be on the rare occasion that Model 3 owners have to use a third-party charger. Nevertheless, it’s good to have the option, so that they can charge at another location if their local Supercharger is busy, for example.

It has certainly been a considerable wait for Model 3 owners to get this support. It’s likely that the company has rolled out this support ahead of Model 3 deliveries in Japan where CHAdeMO is the de facto standard. It would need to support this standard on Japanese models anyway so might as well roll it out for all models.

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