NBC and Twitter are teaming up for limited live coverage and highlights during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. There’s also going to be a 20 minute Olympics show daily. The content will be available through Twitter’s website and apps. NBC previously had a similar arrangement with Snapchat during the 2018 Winter Games where some highlights packages and live coverage was provided through the app’s Discover tab.


NBC has been quite particular about keeping a firm grip on its broadcast rights for the Olympic Games. Even though it worked with Snapchat to offer some content through its app, this is the biggest initiative from NBC so far in allowing a partner to use live Olympics video, as the New York Times reports.

There’s also going to be an interactive element to this partnership. Users will vote every morning on which primetime event or athlete they want to see on Twitter. Live streams that last about five minutes will then be broadcast on Twitter. Advertisers will be allowed to sponsor the Olympics coverage on Twitter.

Those who want to access the entire Olympics coverage will have to make do with NBC’s own digital platforms and networks. It may be loosening its grip a little bit on the broadcast rights but it’s still going to make the most out of the rights. It expects to make $1.2 billion or more in ad sales during the 2020 Olympics after all.

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