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Falling the reports that Apple has started to recall 2015 MacBook Pros over battery concerns where some battteries have apparently caught on fire, some airline companies have started to ban the laptop from being placed in checked-in luggage. Instead, passengers were required to bring it with them in their carry-on luggage.

However, it seems that some airline companies have gone one step further. Speaking to Bloomberg, Qantas has confirmed that they will be banning all 15-inch MacBook Pro models. This even includes MacBook Pros that weren’t being recalled, meaning that your newly-bought 2019 15-inch MacBook Pro will be part of that list.

The airline company has also banned the laptops from being used during a flight, stating that they must remain switched off the entire trip. While it does seem like an extreme thing to do, it kind of makes sense. This is because some of the reports we’ve heard include how a MacBook Pro’s battery caught on fire even while it was in sleep mode (meaning it wasn’t fully turned off).

While fires in the cabin can be easily contained, we suppose it’s a hazard that Qantas just doesn’t want to risk. We’re not sure how long these bans are expected to remain in place, but if you do own the 15-inch MacBook Pro from 2015, you might want to get its battery replaced ASAP.

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