The process of letting someone go from a job is never a pleasant one, especially if that person has been working for you for years, or if you know that they need this job to survive. Unfortunately, layoffs are sometimes necessary for the long-run, but it still does not mean that it makes the process easier.


However, the good news is that a company by the name of Talespin have decided to create a virtual employee in which if you’re interested, you’ll be able to practice firing that character in virtual reality, thus helping you form the words you need to form, and also to get that feeling of firing someone.

Plus, the fact that the character is called Barry and that he is a virtual one means that no one’s feelings get hurt in the process either. It will also help employers figure out the best way to let someone go. This is because Barry will react to the way you fire him, where if you’re too blunt, he will show it, or if you did someone wrong, his character will shout and yell.

So if you’re trying to fire someone without getting them too depressed or want to do it in a way without them causing a scene, this could be a useful tool to check out. For more information, head on over to Talespin’s website for the details.

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