We have already witnessed how Artificial Intelligence can help when it comes to generating faces. If you are still curious, you can check out ThisPersonDoesNot Exist.com – which will generate random faces every time you reload the webpage.

Now, Generated Photos is the next big thing to watch out for. In fact, they have made 100,000 photos free for public use without requiring any explicit permission or any copyright issues.

So, for content creators, web designers, artists, and a lot of professionals (or individuals), you get a big royalty-free database available at your disposal for free.

You can check out their YouTube video to get an idea:

The team at icons8 is behind this wonderful tool. Icons8 is known for its icons (free and paid) and stock photos/videos as well. Generated Photos is aimed at creators/professionals to be able to use unique headshots for different use-cases, without paying a royalty to the original photo.

You can just link back to them for credits. No need to pay a royalty for the generated images. As you can see in the image/video above, the generated faces may not be perfect in every sense but it looks quite natural – which is impressive.

You can also find the project listed on Product Hunt – to support it (or to see what people think about it). To generate a picture, they utilized in-house data without scrapping off any content from elsewhere – which is a good thing.

With this new technology, there are also concerns about the sites offering premium stock photos. It may hurt their business model for sure. Not just limited to the services who offer stock photos – but also the actors/models.

We may not need ‘real’ humans for a photoshoot session anymore. So, human models may also start to lose business.

The tool is still a  work in progress and the team behind it aims to create a single simple API.

What do you think about the AI that generates photos? Will you rely on such AI techniques to have royalty-free images? Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments below.

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