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We all have opted for some kind of free trial subscriptions at one point in time. However, even though we do not blame the free trial services, it is the auto-debit feature that kicks in after the trial ends which is super annoying. What if you forget canceling the subscription?


Some free trials do not require sharing your card details but those who require your card details, those services mostly auto-deducts the subscription amount (annual/monthly) depending on the billing cycle and the plan you are subscribed to. You would have to normally check back gain to cancel the trial service. But, no more, at least for the people in the UK with iOS devices.

All thanks to Joshua Browder, a British entrepreneur, who originally developed an algorithm to fight parking tickets. Now, he has come up with an app “Do Not Pay” which cancels a free trial subscription before it starts recurring payments – reports BBC.

He has not disclosed the exact details but he mentions that a big bank is supporting his venture to make it possible. Using that app, you will be given a virtual debit/credit card which will not be linked to your original bank account that can be potentially used for trial subscriptions.

The card is originally linked to Browder’s firm ‘Do Not Pay’.  And, it will not work for any other type of transactions. This definitely helps in protecting user’s privacy and giving them peace of mind when opting for a limited trial service.

Also, to ensure that the services do not block these virtual cards, Joshua mentioned that the bank helping them out is too big for them to try blocking (unless they want to lose the customers or stop the free trial options).

Joshua Browder also added that for now the solution is being primarily used for premium porn subscriptions and Netflix trials – both of which will cost you a lot of money if you do not cancel it on time. So, you have one less thing to worry about.

Currently, the app is only available via the app store. And, a web-based version is in works. Also, the app is free for now but they might just consider opting for a subscription because it automates the task of canceling the subscription – which is pretty useful and a time saver.

What do you think of it? Will it come handy for your usage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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