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While Facebook is looking to develop AR smart glasses with Ray-Ban, it also plans for something after acquiring a NY(New York)-based startup CTRL-labs. The startup originally built armbands by utilizing neural impulses from the wearer as digital input signals.

In other words, they were responsible for neural interface based wearables (armband, in this case). Even though the exact amount is not public – Bloomberg reports it as something between $500 million to $1 billion, which is quite exciting.

With this acquisition, the startup will get involved with Facebook’s Reality Labs division to make progress with a potential product. We are guessing that it may have a connection with the smart glasses it is already working on – but we cannot be sure.

In a Facebook post, the VP of VR/AR announced the plan of acquisition because they want people to experience natural ways to interact with devices (for which the neural interface is primarily responsible). They are going to work on a wristband which shall let you control your digital life by just capturing your intention to do something.

You just have to think about performing a click or doing a task and the wristband will detect your intent as an input to control other devices or technology. While the vision sounds super cool, it might take a lot of years to create something for the consumers out there.

The good thing here is – even though Facebook is working on this, the acquisition has opened up potential opportunities for other companies working with similar technology or interest to put more effort into their plans.

We might just start interacting with the devices as we experience in a game or movie.

What’s your take on this? Let us know your thoughts on it.

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