Instagram is a quite popular image sharing platform. However, the content we are exposed to influences us – makes us happy or sad for some reason. So, it is important to regulate the content on Instagram, especially for the users under the age of 18.

BuzzFeed reported that on Wednesday Instagram announced a new policy that will regulate the content for users under 18. The restriction is completely aimed at posts that promote weight-loss or diet in any way.

Not just limited to that, but also cosmetics and other similar content promotions. In other words, anything that promotes a product with a price will be potentially blocked.

In addition to Instagram, this policy will be applied for Facebook as well. Ryan Broderick (a reporter for BuzzFeed News) spotted this change in action. Here’s the tweet:

In a statement by Instagram’s public policy manager, Emma Collins mentioned that these changes are being made to tackle the Influencer marketing methods on the platform. To add, Collins also explained that they want Instagram to be a positive place.

The new policy is already in effect – however, in the coming weeks, tools will be introduced to equip users to report a post that violates this policy.

The new policy will prevent celebrities from influencing by promoting baseless products just for the sake of money.

For instance, the Kardashians promote weight-loss products – which is not the right kind of influence users under 18 should be getting. Also, this does not limit it to body weight and cosmetics – it also promotes the topic of content regulation on Instagram in general.

This change also received a lot of praises from celebrities who reported influencer marketing practices affecting users under 18.

What’s your take on this? Should the content be regulated for users under 18 or for all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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