Most of us would assume that if our phone fell out of a plane that it would be pretty much a goner. We imagine that’s what photographer Haukur Snorrason thought when during an aerial photo tour of the Skafta river in South Iceland, a gust of wind knocked his iPhone out of his hand when he tried to film the glacier river floods.

This resulted in his iPhone falling about 200 feet down onto rocky terrain that was also overrun by the river. This would have been the end of the story but as it turns out, Snorrason’s iPhone 6s Plus was more durable than he thought, and he also had a fair bit of luck on his side because 13 months after the incident, he received a call from hikers who discovered his iPhone while out on a hike.

Speaking to TNW, Snorrason said that his iPhone had apparently landed on a thick patch of moss which helped break its fall. “Luckily the phone landed on a patch of moss that grows here and there in the lava field. The moss in this area is rather thick, can be up to 30 cm, so that’s the main reason it survived the fall I think.”

The phone also reportedly fell on its face which meant that the plastic casing the phone was in helped protect it against the weather. While the phone still works, it seems that the microphone might have been damaged because Snorrsason says that while he can make calls, the person on the other end can’t hear him.

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