Over the years, Netflix has steadily increased the price of its subscription. Customers mostly had no choice as there weren’t that many streaming services around, but then came along Apple and Disney, both of whom announced their own streaming services in the form of Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus.

This poses a threat to Netflix in terms of pricing and offerings, where Apple has vast resources that they could easily spend to get new shows, while Disney has Marvel and Star Wars to help bolster their platform, so what can Netflix do? Turns out that maybe offering free pilot episodes could be one way to do it.

Netflix has recently announced that the first pilot episode for its new series, Bard of Blood, can be streamed by just about anyone for free. At the moment, only the first episode of Bard of Blood is offered for free, but we imagine that it could be expanded where more shows could have their pilots offered for free in a bid to tempt customers into subscribing to Netflix.

Whether or not this will work remains to be seen, but given that quite a bit of Netflix’s catalogue is dependent on licensing, which can be revoked or not extended, this could be a good idea for now.

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