A bizarre video on Twitter revealed that the driver and passenger were both asleep in a Tesla car with Autopilot mode on. This story started trending when a netizen (Dakota Randall) uploaded the video in a tweet saying:

Dakota spotted this at Newton Corner, Massachusetts (United States) just when he thought he was passing by a “regular” Tesla car. Obviously, that was not the case. And, he recorded a video where the Tesla driver can be seen asleep with the fellow passenger.

He also told NBC10 Boston that he tried to wake them up by honking – but that ‘clearly’ did not work. He also added:

“I kind of looked over and saw what I thought was somebody asleep at the wheel and I was like that can’t be right, so I did a double-take, looked over and sure enough this guy was just, head between his legs completely asleep,” Randall told NBC10 Boston.

While Teslas can be very good with the autopilot mode – but the company advises to have an attentive driver as well (as stated on their website). So, even though this is hilarious – it was a dangerous act.

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