We have observed multiple events where the customer’s credit card info gets leaked (hacked) or simply a victim of any online scam. If you are visiting trusted web services (and know how to identify a bad one), your credit card is probably safe.

But, how do you escape someone with a photographic memory so strong that he allegedly utilized it to remember credit card info of his customers?

According to SoraNews24, a Japanese clerk, 34-year old, Yusuke Taniguchi was recently arrested getting caught for unauthorized transactions by using the credit card info of customers that he supposedly memorized.

He was a part-time cashier at a mall in Koto City, Japan. Of course, part of his job was to swipe the credit cards of the customers – so that gave him the opportunity to memorize the information to order things online and later sell them off at a pawn shop.

It is not certain whether it was really a long-lasting eidetic memory in action or just memorizing the info (credit card number, expiry date, cvv code) to note it down immediately in a notebook by the time the transaction completed.

The theft was not detected unless he recently chose to purchase two expensive shoulder bags worth ~2500 USD in march (shipping to his own address) which flagged the suspicious activity.

So, even though you are “digitally” protected from online scams, prying eyes could still steal your credit card’s info. Make sure you keep the details of your credit card secure and try utilizing NFC payments (using Google Pay and similar services).

(Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels)

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