We have petroleum-based high performing cars. We also have some impressive electric-powered cars. But, what about solar-powered cars? Is there any manufacturer interested to dive deeper on it?

While Tesla is busy working on new long-lasting batteries for cheaper costs and breaking track records, Toyota is trying to figure out a way to make solar-powered cars run for an exceptionally long time period (like, forever).

LA Times reported that the Toyota Moto Corp., Sharp Corp., and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan (NEDO) are joining hands to make this work and test a Prius. Of course, no matter who leads or works for the project – this will be a groundbreaking innovation if it really works.

Of course, we are not going to witness this anytime in the near future. However, the report by LA Times shed some really incredible plans that will make it one of the most anticipated breakthrough if it happens. For instance, their goal involves a car which does not need to stop in order to charge up. That is very ambitious and if we get to see something like that – we shall be overwhelmed.

Electric cars are super efficient compared to petroleum vehicles. But, they still need a charging station. With the solar-powered tech, Toyota wants us to utilize free energy from the Sun to charge up the car and be able to provide enough power to last the whole night. It sounds all well and good but to put it in action, that is going to be a tough challenge for them.

The solar car’s advantage is that — while it can’t drive for a long-range — it’s really independent of charging facilities,” said Koji Makino, a project manager at Toyota to LA Times.

In addition to the plan, Toyota also shared a few bits of information on what they are planning for the solar-powered car. Unlike other cars, the roof, the curves on the hood or the hatchback happens to be one of the areas where they plan to utilize the solar cells.

What do you think about Toyota’s goal on this? Considering them as one of the best car manufacturers in Japan, do you think they will succeed?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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