We have known what 3D printers are capable of – from designing a school project to a real-world model, it has a lot of applications.


Usually, we imagine something small or portable to be 3D-printed. But, this time, a report by WIRED reveals that some huge AI-powered robots are in the process of 3D-printing an entire rocket.

The startup ‘Relativity Space’ is all set to combine the power of Artifical Intelligence and 3D-printing to help build a rocket. It has some of the largest metal 3D printers which makes it a reality.

If you are wondering, the rockets that will be manufactured here will be totally different than the traditional ones. In addition to this, the startup claims that the rockets should be able to handle medium-sized satellites for transportation.

So, they re-imagined the way a rocket is created and focused on manufacturing the parts while keeping the 3D printers busy day and night to achieve some impressive results.

Their ‘Stargate’ 3D printers work behind the scenes to create the parts required. Tim Ellis, the CEO (and co-founder) of Relativity Space mentioned that they will soon have a bigger 3D printer to make large rockets in a single go.

Relativity Space aims to make 3D printed rockets the primary tech to help transport important infrastructure to and from Mars.

Even though companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin utilize 3D printers, ‘Relativity Space’ wants to take it up a notch and make the most out of the 3D printing tech for making rockets.

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