The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been released to mixed reviews, where there are some who praise its foldable display tech, which is impressive, but at the same time its overall design does leave a lot to be desired. Will Huawei fare better? The semi-good news is that we should be able to find out soon enough.

Huawei has officially confirmed that their foldable phone, the Huawei Mate X, will be officially released on the 15th of November. However, we should note that this release date is only for China and that a worldwide release, or at least a release in more markets, has yet to be determined.

In case you haven’t been following the news, both Huawei and Samsung announced foldable phones earlier this year. Samsung later delayed the launch of their phone due to build issues, and Huawei later announced the same, where they would be going back to the drawing board to reassess the design to avoid some of the pitfalls that Samsung had encountered.

While the Galaxy Fold has since been released, it was unclear as to what the status was of the Mate X, but now we know. The Mate X will be more expensive than the Galaxy Fold where it will be priced around $2,400.

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