One of the selling points of mechanical keyboards are the switches that comes with it. These switches are what determines the keyboard’s feel, like is it going to be clicky, how tactile it feels, how smooth it feels, and what kind of sound it makes. Usually when you buy a keyboard, you’re required to choose the switch beforehand as typically speaking, they can’t be changed afterwards.

However, it seems that Logitech wants to turn the industry on its head by announcing the Logitech Pro X mechanical gaming keyboard. While Logitech is no stranger to mechanical keyboards, this will be the first commercially-available mechanical keyboard to offer up swappable switches.

This means that gamers who love the flexibility of being able to swap out their switches based on their needs or moods will be able to do so. That being said, we should point out that keyboards with hotswappable switches aren’t new in the mechanical keyboard scene. However, these are usually limited to custom keyboards which might not be familiar to non-hobbyists.

This would be the first time a company such as Logitech offers up a keyboard with similar features. From what we can tell, the switches used are your typical MX style switches so if you’re not a fan of Logitech’s switches, you can shop around for others. That being said, customizability does come at a price. The Logitech Pro X with swappable switches will be priced at $150, while the non-swappable version will be slightly cheaper at $130.

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