Just like most video games, the Nintendo Switch supports both physical and digital copies of games. This means that gamers who prefer using cartridges have the option to buy it, while those who prefer digital copies can buy and download them online, so it’s not surprising that Blizzard’s Overwatch for the Switch also comes in physical form.

However, it seems that it isn’t really a physical copy of the game. According to reports, it appears that while you can buy a “physical” copy of the game for the Switch, what’s inside the box is actually a download code for the game. This means that you will still need to download the digital copy when you get home.

In a way it makes sense, given that Overwatch is pretty much purely an online game, it is assumed that gamers would have an internet connection to play the game, which also means that they have the means to download it. However, some have pointed out that this does seem like a waste of plastic and packaging.

In any case, if you do plan on getting your hands on the game, that’s something to consider, and that you might actually be better off just buying the digital copy. Overwatch for the Nintendo Switch is currently set for a release on the 15th of October.

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