macbook proDue to the battery issues with Apple’s 2015 MacBook Pro, several airline companies around the world have started to ban the device from being placed in check-in luggage. In some cases, some airlines won’t even allow users to turn the laptop on during the flight, unless passengers can show them proof that the laptop has had its battery changed.

Given that Apple’s MacBook Pros all look the same, this ban pretty much includes all models, not just the 2015 model. Unfortunately for one British travel photographer, Julian Elliott, he has found himself “trapped” in Vietnam because of his MacBook Pro, where he has to wait for as long as two weeks for a battery replacement which is being shipped in from Singapore.

According to the story, Elliott was invited to Vietnam to photograph the country on behalf of a travel company. He had flown there with his laptop without any issues, as well as taken domestic flights with no problems, but upon attempting to return home, security at the airport stopped him from boarding his flight, citing his laptop as the reason.

According to Elliott, “At first they said ‘don’t switch it on during the flight’. But then security decided to say a flat ‘no’ to me taking it on the aircraft.” It was suggested that he should leave the laptop behind with a friend, but due to him needing it for work, that was out of the question.

He also adds that this information should have better communicated this to passengers as there were no warnings found on Vietnam Airlines’ website regarding the laptop. “You have to wonder that if an airline deems this so important that it should be communicated to all passengers who have tickets for travel. But at no stage was this done before my journey and twice during my journey my laptop was deemed safe to fly.”

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