Thinking of getting Google’s new Pixel 4 smartphones by trading in your older Pixel phone for it? If you are, then you might want to consider trading in with another company besides Google. This is because according to reports, it appears that Google is giving pretty disappointing trade-in values for older Pixel phones.

For example, the max value that Google is offering for a Pixel 3 XL is $295. This is versus Samsung who is more than happy to offer up to $450 if you’re trading it in for the Galaxy Note 10. The difference of $150 is a pretty big one especially if you’re trying to save yourself some money.

Now, it is possible that maybe Google’s inspections might be a bit more lax than Samsung, but we wouldn’t really know. It is unclear why Google is offering older Pixel phone owners such low value on their own brand of phones, but it is disappointing where some users are feeling a tad insulted by those prices.

In any case, you don’t have to take Google up on their offer. You could always try alternative third-party trade-in values or you could sell your phone off outright, where you could potentially fetch a higher price, so that’s something that might be worth taking note of.

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