Pixel 3’s Photobooth Mode Updated With Kiss Detection

Back in the day (and it is still true today), you’d have to press the shutter button on your camera (or camera app) to take a photo. However, these days cameras are getting smarter thanks to the use of AI and facial recognition, where all it takes is for people to smile and it can take a photo, making it easier than pressing a button.

Google Hinting At Pixel 3a Launch For May 7

If you think that Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones are still a bit too expensive for your liking, then you might have heard that Google could be planning on launching budget versions of its Pixel 3 handset in the form of the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. The good news is that it looks like the handsets could be close to launch.

Pixel 3a Makes An Appearance On Google’s Store

For a while now we have been hearing rumors that Google could be working on a new budget Pixel handset known as the Pixel 3a. It was unclear when Google might launch these devices, but it seems that we could be getting pretty close to an official launch because according to a report from 9to5Google, the phone has been spotted on Google’s very own store.

Latest Google Pixel 3 Update Will Fix The Phone’s Camera Issues

It is a pretty well-established fact that the Google Pixel 3’s camera has come a very long way from the early days of the Nexus and Pixel handsets. Whether or not it’s the best is debatable, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that it does a pretty damn good job (you can check out our review of the Pixel 3’s camera here). Unfortunately recently the camera has been acting […]


Google’s Cheaper Pixel Phones Possibly Revealed In FCC Filings

It has been rumored for some time now that Google could be developing cheaper Pixel smartphones. They may have been revealed in new FCC filings that have been spotted today. The filings show two new devices from Google which many believe will eventually be launched as the Pixel 3 Lite and the Pixel 3 XL Lite.

Google Pixel 3 Camera Review Editor's Pick

The Google Pixel 3 smartphone is often acclaimed as “the best phone camera” thanks to its near-legendary software stack. Legend or reality, our Image Quality (IQ) analysis will shed more light into real-world camera performance.Learn more: what is our Camera IQ score?

Google Trolls iPhone Users With New ‘Night Sight’ Ad Campaign

For the longest time ever, Apple’s iPhones were usually thought of to have the best smartphone cameras in the market. While the iPhone’s camera has continued to maintain its standards, it seems that they are being surpassed by other companies who appear to be more willing to take a bigger risk.

The Evo Type Is A Keyboard Case For The Pixel 3 XL

Remember back in the early days of the smartphone where more than one manufacturer still believed that people wanted physical keys for their phones? Those days are pretty much behind us, but if you still think that a smartphone with a physical keyboard holds some merit, then you might want to check out tech21’s Evo Type.

Pixel 3 Ranked As Having The Best Single-Lens Camera For Android

These days a good many flagship smartphones are being equipped with dual or even triple camera lenses. However with the Google Pixel 3, Google has opted to maintain a single lens, but at the same time rely on software to keep achieve certain effects that would otherwise only be possible with a dual lens design.

Google Details How The Pixel 3’s ‘Top Shot’ Feature Works

It is safe to say that Google has made huge strides with their camera technology over the years, whereas before cameras on the company’s Nexus phones felt average at best, but that has definitely changed with their Pixel phones. One of those features is known as Top Shot which attempts to snap the “best” moment.

Pixel 3 Owners Are Reporting Call Quality And Connection Issues

While our smartphones have certainly changed the way we interact with our phones, at the end of the day it is still a phone, meaning that at its core it is meant to make phone calls. This is why we imagine how frustrating it can be when a supposed core functionality doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.

Renders Of Alleged Google Pixel 3 Lite, Pixel 3 XL Lite Leaked

According to the rumors, Google apparently has a budget version of its Pixel phones in the works dubbed the Pixel 3 Lite. Now thanks to leaks by @OnLeaks and 91mobiles (via 9to5Google), renders of what appears to be the Pixel 3 Lite and the Pixel 3 XL Lite have made their way online.

Latest Pixel Update Addresses Memory Management Issues

If you’ve been finding that your Pixel smartphone has some memory management issues, where apps seem to be constantly closing themselves or restarting even after you’ve just launched them, then you might want to update your handset to the latest update that Google has recently announced.

Google Details How They Achieved Portrait Mode On the Pixel 3

Google’s Nexus handsets used to be known for their somewhat bad quality cameras back in the day, where early Nexus handsets appeared to be lagging way behind the competition in terms of picture quality. However fast forward to today, Google’s Pixel phones actually have pretty impressive and come with features that Android users are porting to non-Pixel handsets.