iPhone Xs Max VS Note 9 VS Pixel 3 XL VS Xperia XZ3 In Battery Test

The other day the folks at PhoneBuff ran a battery test that compared the iPhone Xs Max against the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. On paper the Note 9 had a larger battery which is why it wasn’t surprising that in their test, they found that the Note 9 managed to trounce the iPhone Xs Max in terms of battery life.

Pixel 3 In Japan To Get Exclusive Cases With AR Support

Phone cases are pretty straightforward and for the most part they’re meant to protect our phones from getting scratched, and in many cases they’re also used to show off a bit of our own personality based on the style of the case and design that we’ve chosen. However in Japan, Google is trying to make a case more than just a case.

Google Gives Pixel 3 XL Users The Option To Hide The Notch

The new Google Pixel 3 XL (the larger of the two phone) comes with a notch and given that we’ve seen Google include support for notched designs ahead of the phone’s official unveiling, it wasn’t surprising to see it. Now just like with the iPhone X, there are some who say that the notch is barely noticeable after a while, but there are some who understandably hate it.

Google Pixel 3 Owners Get Free Full-Sized Photo Backups Until 2022

Google Photos is a great way for users to backup their photos and sync it across multiple devices, and for the most part the free option is actually more than enough for most people. However there are some who might upload photos that go beyond the free limit in terms of quality, and that’s when you’ve got to start paying for backup.


Google Pixel 3 : The Essential Things To Know

Google has announced its Google Pixel 3 smartphone in an NYC event just this morning. The Google Pixel 3 builds on fundamental strengths that are hallmarks of the Pixel series: leading camera performance, pure Android OS, and neat industrial design. However, Google has pushed the envelope in new areas to improve the experience of the majority, while advancing its own strategic position.

Pixel 3 Could Feature Clips-Like Selfie ‘Smarts’

One of the new products Google announced back in 2017 was the Clips camera. This is a camera that came with AI features that would be able to detect when the best time was to capture a shot, with the idea being that it would allow users to capture special moments that might have been otherwise missed.

Verizon Expected To Continue Being The Pixel 3’s Exclusive Carrier

Ever since the Pixel phones were introduced and made available to purchase via carriers, in the US Verizon has remained as the exclusive carrier for Google’s Pixel lineup. We’re sure many are hoping that this exclusivity will break, but unfortunately that does not appear to be the case for the upcoming Google Pixel 3.

Pixel 3 Pre-Orders Will Begin Immediately After The Announcement

With the end of the year only being a few months away, this means that Google certainly doesn’t have a lot of time to waste when it comes to making its latest Pixel phones available to customers, at least if they’re hoping to get it in by the holiday season. The good news for would-be Pixel 3 customers is that you won’t need to wait too long.

Google Pixel 3 Marketing Video Leaked

Based on all the leaks and rumors and speculation, by now everyone pretty much knows about about what they can expect from Google’s upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones. However in case you wanted to see more “proof”, it appears that a marketing video for the Pixel 3 was leaked.

Google Lens Will Work In Real-Time With The Pixel 3’s Camera

If you wanted to make use of Google Lens, you would either need to launch the app or use an app/service that has it built-in, like Google Assistant. While this method works just fine, it seems that Google will be making some changes to Google Lens with its upcoming Pixel 3 smartphones, where apparently Google Lens will be able to work in real-time with the smartphone’s camera.

New Images Of The Google Pixel 3 XL Leaked

We have been seeing various Pixel leaks for a while now, and thanks to a post on Twitter by user Ishan Agarwal, it seems that we have more Google Pixel 3 XL photos that we can check out to get an idea of what the phone could look like in real life, so take a look below if you’re curious.

Google Could Be Trying An Interesting Marketing Tactic For The Pixel 3

Lately we have been catching quite a few glimpses at the Google Pixel 3 handset, thanks to various leaks, with the latest being that someone had apparently left a Pixel 3 XL behind in a Lyft car. However could it all be a ruse? Perhaps, because it seems that Google could be trying an interesting marketing tactic for the upcoming phones.

Google’s Pixel 3 Event Confirmed For October 9

In case all the flagship phones that we’ve seen launched this year aren’t your cup of tea, not to worry because Google’s Pixel phones have yet to be launched. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are expected to be the company’s next flagship handset and now according to an invite sent out by Google, it has been confirmed that the unveiling will take place next month.

Photos Of Google’s Upcoming Pixel 3 Smartphone Leaked

Google will most likely be launching their new Pixel 3 smartphones in a few months. For the most part the leaks that we’ve come across largely focus on the larger Pixel 3 XL, but now thanks to a post on Reddit (via 9to5Google), alleged real-life photos the smaller Pixel 3 have found their way online.