DJI is a staple in the drone market, but it seems that Skydio could pose a serious threat to the company with their latest drone, the Skydio 2, the successor to the Skydio R1 that comes in a more compact and lightweight package. In terms of specs, the Skydio 2 will feature a main 12MP camera with a 3-axis gimbal and is powered by Qualcomm’s RedDragon QSC605 technology, allowing the camera to capture up to 4K 60p HDR video.


The drone also comes with a host of other cameras built into it, but those will be used for sensing where it will be able to detect obstacles around it and fly around them. While the Skydio R1 used 13 cameras to help model its surroundings, the Skydio 2 only uses six, but they have had their megapixels upgraded, which should help with clarity.

The Skydio 2 will also be faster than its predecessor where it will be capable of achieving a top speed of 36mph, versus the 25mph on the R1. Battery life has also been improved where it will last 23 minutes, about 7 minutes longer than its predecessor. Skydio will offer two sets of remote controls for its users.

They are priced at $150 each and are sold separately, but they might be worth picking up. One of those controllers is your typical conventional radio controller, while the other is a much more slim controller reminiscent of the Apple TV remote. We imagine that this will make it more ideal if you want to travel with the drone. The Skydio 2 is priced at $999 and will begin shipping in November.

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