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Almost everyone is fed up with the traffic and the time it requires to commute from one place to another. For some, it might be a quick journey to work but for the rest, it involves a lot of time.

What if you could travel from one point to another without any traffic and unwanted obstacles?

Uber Copter is here to save you from all the hassle.  It existed before – however, only an Uber Rewards member was able to access the service.

Now, Uber has decided to make it available to the public at a fee of about $200-$225 per trip from lower Manhattan to JFK Airport. The taxi service is available for the ones commuting between Manhattan and JFK. We may not be sure about the destinations it supports but it includes a complimentary ground transportation service as well.

For the current scene, it may not be the best way to commute in order to save time. The reason being – there are limited (just one now) heliports and you need to first reach the heliport to start your destination.

So, in your commute to the heliport, you might end up having a longer travel duration when compared to a drive on road. It could differ from place to place considering the location of the passenger and the location of the heliport.

However, even though it does not appear to be a “time saving” flying taxi now, it definitely calls for competition among other brands with a flying taxi to encourage faster, cheaper and better rides on helicopters.

With services like Uber Air, we are close to the future of flying taxis. What do you think?

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