While most of the time, our pets stay at home, there are times when we need to take them out, like to the vet. However, not all Uber drivers might relish the idea of ferrying an animal in their cars. This is because of a variety of issues, like allergies, smell, concerns about the animal making a mess, and so on.


So how does a person with a pet find an Uber ride that will be cool with them bringing their pet along? It seems that Uber is testing out a new feature called “Ubet Pet” where passengers will give drivers a heads up that their pets will be coming along for the ride. There will be a small surcharge that passengers have to pay, presumably to cover any problems that might be caused.

This is good news for both passengers and drivers, where they don’t need to worry that if they have a pet with them, drivers won’t suddenly change their minds at the last minute, and drivers won’t need to feel obligated to fetch passengers with pets either if they don’t feel comfortable with the idea.

This feature will be rolled out for testing on the 16th of November in Austin, Denver, Nashville, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tampa Bay.

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