As it stands, the US government has banned Huawei from supplying equipment for its 5G networks. They have also called upon their allies to do the same, where they cite national security concerns where there is the fear that somehow, Huawei’s equipment could allow China backdoor access.

The UK is considered to be the US government’s staunchest and longest-standing ally, but that alliance could soon be put to the test where according to a report from The Times (paywall), UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is apparently considering signing off on allowing Huawei to supply equipment for the country’s 5G network.

However, there is a catch and that is this 5G tech can only be used in “non-contentious” parts of the 5G service in the country. This means that in the event that it is proven true that China could somehow access a country’s communications infrastructure through Huawei’s 5G equipment, the damage would be minimal.

The UK would not be alone in their decision to use Huawei’s equipment because earlier this month, new rules set by Germany could also potentially see Huawei supply their tech for 5G services in the country. Nothing has been confirmed yet so take this report with a grain of salt for now.

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