Of course, it is interesting to see a second screen on your smartphone. Just like Microsoft’s Surface Duo and LG’s G8x ThinQ.


You can get the LG device (available for purchase) – however, the surface Duo is yet to be launched next year.

Even though you have the option to get a full-fledged smartphone with a second screen, what if you can easily add another screen to your existing iOS or Android device?

A phone case (CastAway) spotted in an Indiegogo campaign could make that happen. In case you’re curious, Indiegogo is a place to organize a crowdfunding campaign while promising what the device can do.

They have a prototype ready – however, they aim to reach a $50,000 fundraising goal in order to get started with the production for consumers. They will be using an app on the smartphone to communicate with the case via Bluetooth/WiFi.

You can see the prototype in action here (it is not the finished product):

It acts just like a phone case but also features a second screen with it. In addition to the screen, it is worth noting that it will be powered by ChromeOS.

It will also feature a separate battery and a headphone jack – so it is more than just a normal phone case. If it goes into production after reaching its fundraising goal, it should be the first accessory with ChromeOS for any smartphone.

It is indeed something exciting – however, you should think twice before backing them up on Indiegogo unless you really want to take the risk. We can just look forward to the fundraising goal now until it gets ready for production.

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