A few years ago, Google announced that they would be getting into virtual reality (VR) through a couple of initiatives, one of which is its Daydream VR platform, and the other would be Cardboard, a very affordable VR headset that would make it easier for anyone to get into VR technology.

Google recently announced that they would be winding things down on the Daydream front and if you’re wondering what this means for its Cardboard VR headset, it seems that Google will be taking a step back from that as well. In a post on its blog, Google has announced that they will be outsourcing the development of its Cardboard VR headset.

For those who are unfamiliar, Cardboard is quite literally a VR headset that is made out of cardboard. It is also relatively easy to build which means that if you are so inclined, you could actually follow Google’s instructions and build one for yourself, or you could just purchase it directly from Google at a fraction of the price of a regular VR headset.

According to Google, “Today, we’re releasing the Cardboard open source project to let the developer community continue to build Cardboard experiences and add support to their apps for an ever increasing diversity of smartphone screen resolutions and configurations. We think that an open source model—with additional contributions from us—is the best way for developers to continue to build experiences for Cardboard.”

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