Heliogen is a startup not known to many. It recently surfaced the buzz when it announced a solar breakthrough.

Heliogen aims to replace fuels with sunlight. Even though it sounds impossible for the time being – they have succeeded with a breakthrough that potentially helps Industries to use solar energy instead of fuels.

The breakthrough involves a pretty basic concept where a field of mirrors reflects the sunlight to a single point in order to generate heat above 1000 Celsius.

Reflecting the sunlight and focusing the beam to produce heat is not a new concept – but generating enough heat to help in the production of Cement, Steel, Glass, and a variety of industrial processes, is definitely something to look out for.

It is worth noting that they utilize Artifical Intelligence to align the field of mirrors to be able to generate enough heat for Industrial processes.

With this technology, it will not only decrease the CO2 emission – but it will also introduce a new way to look at the fuel for manufacturing or other purposes where heat is required.

It seems like Bill Gates is one of its early backers, which is a promising thing to know so that the startup can grow faster to help protect the planet by making the industrial processes CO2 emission-free.

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