Cooking instant noodles should be more or less a no brainer by now, and students around the world are probably very familiar with the overall cooking method. This involves pouring hot water, place the lid back to let it steam, and you’re good to go! However, the good folks at Thanko have decided that maybe now that we’re in 2019, perhaps it’s time to get a bit more hi-tech with instant noodles cooking.


The company has since debuted a new gadget called the Makase-Tei where it aims to help simplify the already simple process. All users need to do is pour water into the tank of the machine. They tend take the lid off their cup noodles, place it under the machine, and once the water has been boiled, it will automatically dispense it into the cup and cook your noodles.

Due to the way it has been designed, it will also cover your noodles to allow the steam from the hot water to cook and soften the noodles, meaning that you won’t have to fumble around with the flimsy covers that typically accompany such noodles. It will also work with a variety of cup noodles where it will fit cup sizes ranging from 6cm to 13cm in height.

It also has a capacity of 600ml, which means that it should be good enough to cook two servings. We’re not sure how many of you would need such a device, but if you’re interested, it is being sold on Thanko’s website for 5,980 yen.

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