Overwatch was first released back in 2016 and was Blizzard’s first new IP in a very long time. It looks like Blizzard is definitely not wasting anytime because at BlizzCon 2019, about 3 years after the launch of the first Overwatch game, the developer has announced its sequel in the form of Overwatch 2.

There have been some who felt that the game might have benefited more from an expansion instead of a sequel, although judging from what we saw in the trailer, it does feel like an expansion of sorts. However, one of the main differences in Overwatch 2 is that Blizzard will be focusing a bit more on the story and the universe that the game is set in.

This will come in the form of PvE modes where players will be able to play together to accomplish tasks and goals, as opposed to the previous Overwatch which was basically 100% competitive multiplayer. Interestingly enough, Blizzard has not yet abandoned Overwatch, and it doesn’t seem like they plan to.

The company announced that Overwatch players will be able to play alongside Overwatch 2 players in PvP multiplayer, while also being able to access heroes and maps from Overwatch 2. This suggests that the main reason and selling point of the sequel would be for its PvE content. There is no word on when Overwatch 2 will be released, but you can check out its announcement trailer in the video above.

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