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Gaming and snacking go together really well, but sometimes it can be hard to interrupt a gaming session to grab some snacks. This is apparently a “problem” that Pringles is trying to solve, where through the use of 3D printing, they have created a gadget that will automatically feed its chips to gamers while they game.

This add-on accessory attaches to a gaming headset, which in this case is a Razer headset. It features a motorized arm where it will grab a chip from the can placed on the side of the headset and feed it directly into the mouth of the gamer. Dubbed the Hunger Hammer, it’s actually a really hilarious piece of tech and an excellent use of 3D printing.

That being said, before you get too excited, note that this is obviously a gag and not meant to be an actual product that they plan to sell, so don’t get your hopes up at the idea of being able to buy it. However, if you have some experience with 3D printing and have some knowledge with electronics, perhaps this could inspire you to build one for yourself.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in checking out how it works, you can head on over to Twitch where streamer Cricken managed to get his hands on one of the prototypes (it starts around the 23 minute mark).

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