Image credit – West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Some of us use air fresheners for our cars to keep it smelling clean and fresh. These air fresheners typically can last for a months, but it seems that one driver from West Yorkshire decided that he would unload an entire can of air freshener in his car.

Sure, this might seem like personal preference when it comes to keeping his car smelling nice and fresh, but it also caused an accident where it resulted in his car exploding. This was due to the fact that after unloading an entire car of air freshener, the man decided to light up a cigarette which resulted in his car exploding from inside out.

In a statement made by the West Yorkshire Police of Halifax, it seems that the force of the explosion resulted in the windscreen of the car blowing off. It also caused enough force where some windows belonging to nearby businesses were damaged as well.

Miraculously enough, despite being at the center of the explosion, witness reports claim that the man climbed out of the car afterwards. He was treated by paramedics when they arrived on the scene where it seemed that he only walked away with minor injuries, which is pretty amazing when you think about it.

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