While coral reefs might be pretty to look at, they also play a very important role in the ocean’s ecosystem and due to pollutants and the constant changes in our environment, many coral reefs around the world are slowly dying. However, could there be a way to slow the process down and maybe even reverse it?


It turns out that maybe underwater speakers could be the answer, at least that’s according to a recent paper published in Nature Communications. So what kind of music or songs are these speakers playing? Could it be similar to how some believe that playing classical music to a baby could help further their brain development? Nope, it turns out that the sounds that are being played are the sounds of a healthy and vibrant coral reef ecosystem.

Basically, by using these sounds, the researchers theorized that it could attract fish to a dying reef, which in turn helps to clean the reef and create space for new corals to grow. While this won’t reverse coral reefs that are already dead, it is believed that this could help reefs that are dying and begin the recovery process.

According to Professor Andy Radford, one of the paper’s co-authors from the University of Bristol, “If combined with habitat restoration and other conservation measures, rebuilding fish communities in this manner might accelerate ecosystem recovery.”

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