The outbreak of coronavirus is an increasing concern for everyone across the globe.

Not just limited to being affected by the virus – but 81 affected people have died so far.

Even though it is an alarming and heartbreaking situation for Hubei city in China (primarily), several reports confirm that there are cases for coronavirus being reported in other countries as well.

China has enforced strict quarantine in the affective cities – but still – we do have different cases being reported every day.

So, it is essential to track (and be aware) of the cases being reported across the world. Hence, The Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) developed an online dashboard help you track coronavirus reports in real-time (almost).

You can take a look at the dashboard here.

Of course, this is something very useful for the ongoing public health emergency. The Center also mentioned that the case data visualized is being collected from various sources, including WHOU.S. CDC, ECDC China CDC (CCDC), NHC and DXY.

In other words, the sources are a collection of national-level reporting organizations and local organizations as well. Considering that a total of 2,886 confirmed cases for coronavirus exists – the online dashboard should be an easy and useful resource for the public to refer to instead of watching the local news every minute.

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