Today at CES 2020, Lexilife, a start-up founded in 2018 by Jean-Baptiste Fontes, and developed within the Thomas Watt Lighting Pro company, announced Lexilight, a device that aims at bringing relief to 10% of the world’s population that suffers from dyslexia (about 700 million people worldwide).

Dyslexia affects 8 to 10% of people worldwide, a condition that makes the reading experience difficult because when they read, they see a mirror image appearing on top of the text on the page.

Leveraging over 20 years of R&D, Lexilife designed Lexilight, a lamp that aims at helping people living with dyslexia.

At its core, the technology uses a combination of pulsed and modulated light, which erases the mirroring effect and, according to the company, the result is an improved reading experience for almost all dyslexic people.

To the contrary of a non-dyslexic person, a dyslexic one has two dominant eyes that send two different streams of information to the brain simultaneously, creating confusion and mirror images that disturb the reading process. Lexilight corrects the issue by enabling the brain to process the information as if it came from the single dominant eye, using a pulsed and modulated light that reduces the mirroring effect.

The specific light waves emitted by the LEDs in the lamp can be customized to match the vision profile of each user. The device can adjust several LED parameters, including the refresh rate, to drive one eye to take precedence over the other to reduce the mirroring effect.

According to Lexilife, the new lamp has been tested with more than 300 people and managed to make them read correctly. The company is in the process of conducting clinical trials with healthcare professionals to obtain official medical certification.

Last but not least, Lexilight is 100% made in France, in a factory located in Brittany and named “L’atelier du courrier”, an ESUS (Solidarity-Based Enterprise of Social Utility) company in which 98% of employees are themselves disabled.

Lexilight is available for €549 from the Lexilife website and comes with a free 1-month trial.

Lexilight will be exhibited during CES 2020 at the French Tech Pavilion, at the Sands, Hall G booth #50441.

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