Microsoft and Google are rivals in the tech industry, but more recently, the companies have become more closely aligned than ever when Microsoft launched a Chromium-based version of its Edge browser. It looks like Microsoft’s decision is about to benefit Google yet again in the form of multi tab management.


Right now in Chrome, if you wanted to bring multiple tabs to a new window, you’d have to drag it one by one. However, it seems that in the Chromium version of Edge, users can drag multiple tabs into a new window, and it looks like Microsoft is going to help Google achieve the same thing with Chrome.

In a note in a recent Chrome Gerrit thread, Google software engineer Leonard Grey and Microsoft software engineer Justin Gallagher discussed bringing the feature over to Chrome, and it looks like they’ll be working on it. Those changes have yet to be implemented but if you’re a Chrome Canary user, there is a chance it could pop up in the build in the near future.

While not exactly a groundbreaking feature, it’s one of those quality of life improvements that should make the overall use of the browser better. There is currently no timeline as to when we might be able to expect it to hit the public release of Chrome, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled.

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