We have seen a lot of different smart lock/unlock systems. However, Netatmo’s first NFC-based smart door lock strikes to be something impressive right after it was unveiled at CES, 2020.

Just like you would unlock/lock a door with a traditional lock-key system, it is essentially the same. However, the key acts as an NFC paired tech that will unlock the door.

With this, you will end up having a smart door that is secure and connected to your home network while having the ability to unlock doors using the key manually.

You also get the option to access/unlock the door using the Netatmo Security app. In addition to the app, you can simply invite people with access using WhatsApp or social channels through a guest session.

You can easily revoke the access if you want to – so that should make things convenient and secure as well. Also, it is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit.

It is worth noting that it claims to have two-year battery life on the smart door. You will be notified if you need to replace batteries. Also, as a fallback method, you can use a micro-USB cable to power it up.

As The Verge points out, the pricing is expected to be around 300-400 Euros – however, this is not an official number but an expectation. You could end up paying more if you want extra NFC keys.

Overall, it looks like an affordable and safe addition to your smart home.

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