With regular consumer-grade displays, the refresh rates aren’t particularly high because to be honest, not everyone sees the need for it. However, if you’re working professionally or if you’re a gamer, then having higher refresh rates can actually be useful and could also give you a slight advantage.

Typically with gaming monitors, we see refresh rates anywhere between 120Hz and 240Hz, but it seems that NVIDIA is turning the industry on its head when they announced new G-Sync displays that are capable of achieving a whopping 360Hz refresh rate. This means that at these refresh speeds, frames are being displayed once every 2.8ms, which NVIDIA claims makes it about 6x faster compared to traditional gaming displays and TVs.

NVIDIA themselves won’t be making these displays but have teamed up with others to do so. One of those companies is ASUS who unveiled the ASUS ROG Switch 360. The display features a 24.5-inch screen, 360Hz refresh rates, and as expected, it will be G-Sync certified to prevent screen tearing.

There is no word on when the ASUS ROG Switch 360 will be released, but it is planned for 2020. There was also no mention of price, but you can be sure that it will definitely cost more than your typical gaming monitor.

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