Shopping for shoes is not something that I particularly enjoy: different brands’ sizes don’t match, and the shoe style sometimes calls for unexpectedly wide or narrow width, so there’s only one way to know: try.

And now the size you want to try has to be available, even though you don’t even know if that’s the right one, and so on. Boring~~~

Enter Perfitt and its solution for stores: it’s very simple, remove your shoes, and put it into the Perfit R analyzer. Two cameras are doing to take pictures of your foot and compute your exact measurements.

From there, a machine-learning algorithm called Perfit AI matches your actual feet measurements (to the millimeter) with what’s available in the store, with filters on the brand and shoe model.

The shoe database is built using another Perfitt tool called Perfit S, which is an “inner shoe analyzer,” which measures the inside of the shoe. That’s how the system can accurately match shoes to feet.

This is all very logical and straightforward, so you have to wonder why it took so long for a company to field something like this, but of course, making all of this work requires a multi-disciplinary team to assemble at the right time.

The benefit of Perfitt for consumers is evident: you can spend more time looking at viable shoe options or go home with comfortably fitted shoes faster.

But businesses also benefit because the staff doesn’t need to go back and forth to the storage area with different sizes, and the likely hood of a product return (and refund) is diminished.

Perfitt claims an 86% of user satisfaction, a rate high enough for the company to work on a revenue-share basis with stores, thus potentially creating a larger revenue flow than a one-time hardware sale with technical support would.

Better yet, there’s a way to shop online by keeping your feet measurements stored in Perfitt’s system. If everything works as planned, you could get your perfect-fit shoes, without a trip to the store.

Right now, Perfitt is deployed in five Brooks stores in South Korea, and we can’t wait to try it in the USA.

At CES 2020, Perfitt is part of the Seoul Pavilion, in the Las Vegas Sands Convention center, Hall-G #51223.

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