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With Perfitt You Never Get The Wrong Shoe Size
Shopping for shoes is not something that I particularly enjoy: different brands’ sizes don’t match, and the shoe style sometimes calls for unexpectedly wide or narrow width, so there’s only one way to know: try.

Puma Bringing Back The Classic 1986 RS-Computer Shoe
Some of you may be old enough to remember the 1986 RS-Computer running shoe from Puma. It was way ahead of its time as the shoe had a computer chip inside the heel to record data like calories, distance, and time. These are things that we can now track with our phones or slim bands around our wrist. However, this was hi-tech at that time. Puma has announced that it’s […]

Here Comes The Selfie Shoe
Okay, so this might be the craziest revelation for today: since the innovation of Selfie Sticks, we had no hope of any other “selfie-centric” product entering the market, but we underestimated the power of innovation, as now we have Selfie Shoes too.

spnKiX motorized shoes now available for $699
Do you still remember spnKiX? We actually featured the motorized shoes in December last year, back when it was merely a project on Kickstarer. Well, if you’ve added spnKiX to your list of must-haves this year, good news because you can now get the cool motorized shoes for $699. It’s quite expensive, but hey, isn’t it cool to actually have one of these? spnKiX is equipped with an 85 W […]


3D-printed shoes offer totally alien look
You can say that purchasing a pair of shoes can be quite the challenge for some of us, especially since both our feet are not of the exact same size, and sometimes, this is more obvious for some of us compared to others. Getting a pair of custom made shoes is always a good idea, but can everyone afford such a lifestyle? Perhaps with the ever lowering prices of 3D […]

Hooved shoes induce "Shut up and take my money already" syndrome
Fashionistas sometimes boggle the mind – they pay so much more for so little cloth, and sometimes, the color combination look extremely gaudy, and yet are considered to be by connoisseurs to be the “in thing”. Ah well, perhaps others know better considering how they graduated from some esteemed art university. Here is a pair of shoes that might just cause you heart to melt and want a pair pronto, […]

Carbon Pro Team Shoes keep your feet cool
Ever chewed on a stick of gum sweetened with xylitol? Chances are your mouth would be filled with a lovely, cool sensation. Well, with this pair of Carbon Pro Team Shoes, you might expect a similar feeling as well, considering how this pair of shoes will also see properties of xylitol being incorporated to make clothing a more cooling experience. Xylitol is apparently woven into fabric under the brand name […]

Electrowetting process helps you generate power while you walk
I still remember when I first walked into the cinema prior to the turn of the new millennium to watch ‘The Matrix’, and boy, was I truly blown by Neo’s exploits as the potential One. When Morpheus explained to Neo on how the machines used us as batteries, I suppose this is what kickstarted the idea of harnessing the reverse of the electrowetting process – where a liquid that is […]

Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet made from sneakers up for auction
Shoes seem to be the hot commodity floating around auction houses these days – especially for fanboys (and girls). After the announcement of the Back To The Future 2 Nike MAG shoes last week, it looks like there’s a new shoe auction up that’s drawing in big bucks as well. While wearable, these shoes don’t exactly fit on your feet. A blogger named Freehand Profit recently created a Star Wars […]

Nike MAG shoes from Back To The Future 2 up for auction
If there’s one thing that most people can’t get enough it’s memorabilia from their favorite movies. Well it looks like Nike is out to please hardcore fans of the cult classic: Back To The Future, more specifically Back To The Future II. Here’s a description of the shoe:The original NIKE MAG was worn by the Back to the Future character Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, in the year […]

Shoe sole helps you retain balance
I have seen some folks wear energy pendants around their neck which is said to offer better balance – and during product demonstrations, it does seem to work wonders. Well, here is a slightly more scientific approach to helping people obtain better balance – through the SCRSA (Sponge Core Soft Rubber Actuator) that will see action with shoe soles, helping folks compensate their lack of balance (especially the elderly) by […]

Nike releases Zoom Kobe VI 3D shoes
It’s easy to understand that phones, tablets and TVs are going 3D, but what about shoes? Nike decided to release a pair of Zoom Kobe VI 3D shoes for the upcoming All-Star Game. The shoes itself aren’t magical, of course, but there is a 3D LA symbol inside the sole along with some other 3D effects if you’re wearing the right glasses. Truth be told, it’s a strange product and […]

Solebox X Reebok Omnizone Pump lights up your path
Solebox and Reebok have come together to release the Solebox X Reebok Omnizone Pump which will be hitting the markets next year. The bulky hightop will also feature a range of lights which can be turned on and off, making you the toast among your friends who’re into shoe collecting as well. Of course, it would bode you well if you decide to wear this at night or in the […]

Concept: FOKI Floor Cleaning Shoes
Whenever we wear our shoes into the house, we usually bring dirt and grime into our homes, but what if we could walk into our homes and have our shoes clean the floor? That’s what the FOKI concept cleaning shoes are about as it features two rotary cleaners underneath each shoe to sweep up dust and kill bacteria. It’s (fortunately) cordless, and there is a LED display on the side to […]

Shoes With Power Laces Brings Us Back To The Future
One of the most noticeable gadgets from Back To The Future Part 2 would be the futuristic shoes with power laces, as all of us lazy folks would want such a thing. It’s 2010, and we still don’t have such technology in the stores yet, but some folks out there have taken the time and effort to make such a pair of shoes a reality. Sure, there’s a rather obvious […]

Charge Your Mobile Phone By Walking With These New Shoes
The smart folks over at the Louisiana Tech University are busy working on new voltage regulation circuits that can convert a piezoelectric charge into usable voltage for charging batteries or directly powering electronics. With this technology, a device can be fit into the heel of a running shoe, allowing users to generate electricity as they walk, which hopefully will be enough to power your flat mobile phone when you’re lost […]