One of the problems with sharing a bed is that we each feel hot or cold differently. Some people love being smothered by blankets, while others toss them aside. However, when sharing a bed, this creates a problem. Sure, separate blankets are an easy fix, but if you’re looking for a hi-tech solution, Sleep Number has, well, your number.


The company has recently announced a new mattress called the Climate360 in which the main selling point would be separate cooling systems. This means that you can adjust the cooling system on your side of the bed to match your personal preference, so if you prefer it cooler but your partner prefers it warmer, you both can adjust it that way.

However, this is more than just about comfort. According to Sleep Number, they claim that the cooling system will help boost your natural sleep cycle. By gently warming or cooling the mattress first, it is said to help users fall asleep faster and give them a more restful sleep and helps them sleep longer, which is useful if you find yourself not having enough sleep.

This is actually not Sleep Number’s first time at creating a smarter bedding system. The company had previously launched smart beds that have the ability to track the user’s sleep and also automatically make adjustments to eliminate snoring.

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