sleep-number-360-smartbed_01[CES 2017] You know you live in the future where not only are your phones smarter, your watches smarter, and your cars smarter, but your beds are also smarter. Sleep Number has announced a new “smart bed” that they are calling the Sleep Number 360, a bed designed to help you sleep better at night.

While mattress and pillow comfort are some of the things that are factored into a good night’s rest, Sleep Number 360 will add onto that through sleep tracking where it can sense you changing positions and thus adjusting the bed’s comfort levels to ensure that no matter what position you sleep in, the bed will be able to adjust itself to your position.

It can even detect snoring and can adjust itself, such as raising the sleeper’s head by as much as 7 degrees which should help to temporarily relieve snoring. There is also a built-in foot warmer that will help its users fall asleep faster. There’s is also a built-in alarm where eventually after several uses, the bed will know your routine and can wake you up accordingly.

Just like several sleep monitoring apps out there, such as Sleep Cycle, it will try to wake you up when you are not in deep REM sleep, thus ensuring that you are more alert when you are woken up. No word on pricing just yet but there will be several different configurations for users to choose from, and will be available in the first-half of 2017 via Sleep Number’s retail stores.

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