In those digital times, people need help to keep focused and concentrated more than ever. STYL has created the perfect solution: Spinity, a connected pen made for playing that aims at improving concentration, brain activity, and dexterity while delivering the same features as “dumb” pens.

The idea is unique and comes from the need to focus better and go back to vintage games when kids (and adults) were playing with physical toys such as balloons, pieces of woods, rubber bands or jumping ropes.

STYL vision is to make the pen cool again by making it part of the new gaming world. The Spinity pen comes with a companion app that shows how to use the pen for more than writing. Users twist the Spinity smart pen between their fingers of even juggle with it, and the stats recorded during the gaming session are displayed as a real-time AR version of the pen in the app. The Spinity application enables multi-player gaming where players can challenge friends in real-time competitions.

A personal coach in AR is available to provide advice for improving user’s twisting and juggling techniques, increasing brain activity and focus along the way. On the tech side, STYL claims that the extreme miniaturization of the motion recognition technology allowed the team to design a small object such as a pen to deliver the game. The proprietary algorithm allows the app to recognize fast and precise movements and enables the augmented reality experience.

At CES 2020, STYL is exhibiting Spinity at the Business France Pavilion inside La French Tech at Eureka Park – to see the demo go to Sands Expo Hall G booth #50615.

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