The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a great accessory as it definitely feels a lot better to play with compared to the Joy-Cons. However, it isn’t quite as practical to bring with you on the go as you would need to stand up the console on a table or a surface, but the folks at Columbus Circle might have the answer to that problem.


The company has unveiled a new Switch accessory that lets you mount the Switch onto your Pro Controller. As you can see in the image above, this basically puts a clamp on the Pro Controller where you can either choose to mount the Switch Lite or the regular Switch console where it will sit on top of your controller.

This means that if you wanted to play the Switch while using the Pro Controller without having to find a table or surface to rest your console on, this could be it. It’s actually a pretty clever idea and we’re not sure why there aren’t more of these accessories available. It will be released on the 21st of January in Japan where it will be priced at 1,738 yen.

We’re not sure if there are plans to eventually bring it stateside, but we imagine that it probably won’t be too long until we start seeing more lookalikes released in the market by the competition.

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